Aug 30, 2009

More Redneck Logic

----Two dogs are better than one dog, three dogs are better than two dogs, and so on …

----What’s the most important thing (in order) is a good running pick’em up truck, a large collection and variety of guns, a pack of dogs, a refrigerator full of beer, and wife who fucks like a rabbit.

----The only thing better than a foxy 24-year-old tall babe with big hooters is two 12-year-old virgins.

----The only thing better than a plate full of vittles consisting of hog jowls, grits, and possum is a night out with the boys coon hunting, killing several kegs of beer, and a mess of BBQ.

----The only thing better than watching wrestling on TV is having a blowjob from the wife while drinking a cold one and watching her head bob up and down like a fishing ball.

----Only one thing better than hutin and that’s killing a revenuer.

----The best swap meet ever is when you can get three five year olds for one 15-year-old used up pregnant bitch.

----A family proud day is when the misses wins the Redman Spitting Contest at the county Fair.

----When your neighbor gets some new sheep and you sneak over late at night and get you some. Placing those back sheep hoofs into those worn out cowboy boots and butt reaming that sheep until the dawn comes up is just the Cat’s Meow.

----As a father, attending 5th grade with his oldest son (age 19), and your dad. Now that’s a family to be proud of.

----Having the annual weed-burning contest in the front yard to find all your really good junk.

----Being ever so proud when little Bubba-Ray learns to jiggle the handle on the potty chair.

----Training your new hound dog to steal a farmer’s chickens.

----Hanging a cat up by it’s from paws from a tree and setting it on fire to light up the campsite.

----Stealing the sheriff’s car and using it as your midnight moonshine running mobile.

Jokes emailed to me by a guy named : JACK

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