Dec 13, 2008

YouTube Video: Choke the Chicken

Hope this crazy ass redneck doesn't try and eat this chicken.

Dec 12, 2008

Nov 2, 2008

YouTube Video: Redneck Christmas

Bill Engvall's - Here's Your Sign for a Redneck Xmas.

YouTube Video: Sheriff Buford T Justice

YouTube Video: The Bedside Gun Rack

Hey I gotta get me one of these....

YouTube Video: John Candy Commercial

Funny cereal commercial...

YouTube Video: Hillbilly Songs

Xmas isn't very far way, so here is some songs by Larry the Cable Guy.
This is damn funny stuff...

YouTube Video: Jack Burton

Scene with Kurt Russell from Big Trouble in Little Chinatown:

YouTube Video: Comedian Gallagher at the Sellersville Theater

YouTube Video: Girls Mud Wreslting

YouTube Video: Math, Archie Bunker Style

Re-Posted: All in the Family was one of my favorite TV Shows:

YouTube Video: Ron White - Deer Hunting

Re-Posted. Ron White is very funny....

YouTube Video: Bubba & Sons Tree Removal Service - Deuce M35 Tree Flattner